Is aetna good insurance? – best explain

One of the biggest health insurance companies in the US, Aetna has contracts with more than a million medical professionals and offers coverage in all 50 states. Although it doesn’t provide individual or family plans, it does offer coverage alternatives for college students, seniors, and Medicaid-eligible people. To find out more about this supplier, continue reading. Is aetna good insurance? – best explain. Let’s explore!.

What to Know about Aetna

One of the oldest and most reputable healthcare insurance companies in the country is aetna good insurance. Hartford, Connecticut serves as the company’s headquarters. It was established in 1853. The third-largest supplier of health insurance and services, Aetna was bought by CVS Health Corp. in 2018.

The majority of the carrier’s membership comes from selling health insurance to private sector firms and their employees. Due to revenue losses, Aetna no longer offers individual health insurance on the Affordable Care Act exchanges.

All 50 states are served by Aetna’s sales of health insurance, Medicare supplements, dental insurance, vision insurance, and other products. Aetna employs approximately 35,000 people nationally and generates more than $35 billion in revenue.

What to Know about Aetna
What to Know about Aetna

In addition to receiving high marks from a number of other financial rating services, Aetna has an AM Best rating of A (excellent). AM Best is a credit rating agency that evaluates and/or reports on more than 16,000 insurance firms globally. The insurance company’s capacity to meet its debts, financial commitments, and claim obligations on time is shown by the AM Best rating. Customers may anticipate that Aetna has the cash on hand to cover claim payments, which is a crucial consideration when assessing an insurance company before buying a policy.

Additionally, Aetna has a BBB A+ rating.

Does not work with independent insurance agents

Aetna Pros: High ratings from AM Best and multiple other financial rating agencies attest to Aetna’s long history and sound financial position. provides HSAs, wellness initiatives, and coverage across the country via its health plans. Excellent online account choices for customer service. Members may earn incentives using the Attain by Aetna app for doing healthy things. countrywide array of suppliers.

Aetna Cons: Except for its Medicare plans and overseas programs, Aetna does not provide individual health insurance coverage. There is aetna good insurance for short-term health insurance. working with independent insurance agents is not possible.

Aetna Health Insurance Plan Options

You cannot purchase individual or family insurance through Aetna or the government marketplace since the firm only provides plans through employers. It does, however, provide a number of additional plan choices to suit your needs.

Aetna Health Insurance Plan Options
Aetna Health Insurance Plan Options


For those who meet the requirements, Aetna provides a variety of Medicare Advantage Plans, which are an additional method for seniors and those with certain disabilities to access Original Medicare benefits. MA plans, like those offered by Aetna, cover prescription medicines, vision, and dental expenses in addition to Part A and Part B coverage.

Three Medicare prescription medication plans are also offered by Aetna. To assist you manage out-of-pocket medical expenses, you can add these plans to your Original Medicare plan or specific MA Plans.

Medicaid is aetna good insurance that is financed equally by the federal and state governments. Benefits and eligibility vary depending on where you reside because each state’s Medicaid program has its own set of rules. For those under the age of 18 who are eligible for Medicaid, long-term care insurance, and the Children’s Health Insurance Plan (CHIP), Aetna handles programs nationwide.

Student plans 

University students are not often covered by family health insurance policies, putting uninsured people at risk of facing severe financial difficulty in the event of a significant sickness or accident. Aetna helps young individuals get inexpensive coverage when their family’s health insurance is not an option by offering university-based health insurance via institutions of higher learning around the nation.

International plans 

Living abroad might feel risky if your health insurance plan demands that you only utilize in-network doctors and hospitals. For Americans traveling temporarily abroad, Aetna offers renowned health insurance coverage. There are many degrees of protection, including protection for emergency medical evacuation and repatriation.

Is aetna good insurance?

Is aetna good insurance?. Aetna provides a variety of health insurance options for both individuals and businesses. The business also provides HSA choices, allowing you to save money before taxes to cover your insurance deductible and other medical costs. The organization offers a wide range of plans with extensive provider networks, preventative care coverage, and other features. Is aetna good insurance? – best explain

Aetna also provides a wide range of member services and advantages, including as a helpful member website and a mobile app. In addition, a different mobile application called Attain by Aetna is offered to assist users in maintaining their health. The Attain app, created in partnership with Apple, uses a member’s health history and Apple Watch activity to provide individualized objectives, doable tasks, and prizes for reaching particular milestones.

Is aetna good insurance
Is aetna good insurance

Is aetna good insurance?. Aetna was established in 1873 and is currently a part of the CVS Health organization. It offers health, dental, vision, and Medicare plans to both individuals and business groups. It is the third-largest supplier of health insurance in the country and associated services. It has gotten favorable reviews from the BBB and AM Best. The majority of customer feedback is favorable. Aetna is a respectable insurance provider overall.

What Are the Costs of Aetna Health Insurance Plans?

Is aetna good insurance? – best cost. An Aetna health insurance plan in the ACA marketplace typically costs $421 per month for a 30-year-old, $474 per month for a 40-year-old, and $662 per month for a 50-year-old.

The kind of plan, the metal tier, your age, the number of people insured, and where you reside are just a few of the numerous variables that affect is aetna good insurance plan will cost.

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