Impressive Places in Linz, Austria You Must Visit

Linz, which is a beautiful city in Austria, is home to historic, cultural, and scenic attractions, as well as plenty of shopping. There are many interesting things to do and see in this city. Here is a list of the impressive places in Linz you should visit during your trip.

Impressive Places in Linz

1. Lentos Art Museum

impressive places in Linz: Lentos Art Museum


Anyone interested in the history, art, and culture of Linz, Austria, should head to the Lentos Art Museum. The Lentos Art Museum is one of the most popular museums that feature the best displays of modern and contemporary art. The museum gives visitors a chance to witness the beautiful art pieces from the 20th century. If you are looking for a day filled with exploration and excitement, then you will find many things to do in Lentos Art Museum. This museum also features some impressive photography displays and classical art pieces that date back to the prehistoric era. The building itself is quite impressive and worth a watch. Designed by famous architects Weber and Hofer from Zurich, the museum is a masterpiece that is simple, yet highly glamorous.

2. Schlossmuseum Linz

impressive places in Linz: Schlossmuseum Linz


Overlooking the Danube, the imposing Linz Castle (Linz Schloss) has dominated the city for centuries. Records indicate the site has in fact been home to a fortress since the early 9th century, the remains of which can still be seen around the old walls and the Friedrich Gate, while the present structure dates predominantly from the 16th century and was rebuilt after a fire in 1800.

Now home to the excellent Schlossmuseum, the castle houses important art and historical collections along with displays featuring artifacts from the prehistoric, Roman, and medieval periods, including paintings, sculptures, arms, and armor. The more modern South Wing contains permanent exhibits regarding nature and technology, as well as temporary exhibits.

3. Postlingbergbahn

impressive places in Linz: Postlingbergbahn


When it comes to exploring Linz more intimately, it is important you visit all the popular tourist spots including Postlingbergbahn. Postlingberg railway is an electric mountain tramway located in Linz. The railway connects Postlingbergbahn to the center of Linz, allowing passengers to enjoy a great ride. Amongst other impressive attractions in Linz, you will find many impressive things to do in Postlingbergbahn. The electrical railway was made in 1898 offers passengers a view into the city of Linz. You can take an exciting trip to the mountain of Linz in this tramway. Postlingbergbahn excursion trips are most impressive, making everything seem like a fantasy. This railway is used by the locals as a means of public transportation.

This is one of the impressive places in Linz you can’t miss during your trip.

4. St. Martin’s Church

St. Martin's Church


Built on the remains of Roman walls that can still be seen in the building’s exterior, this remarkable 8th-century church is characteristic of the earliest Carolingian architecture.

Highlights of a visit to this important Catholic church include seeing an interior rich with 15th-century frescoes, along with the outlines of old doorways and windows in the sidewalls dating from the Gothic period. A Roman kiln oven is visible, and many stones inside the church bear Roman inscriptions, while recent excavations have revealed the royal hall of the former imperial palace. Afterward, be sure to linger a while on the grounds — it’s one of the most picturesque scenes in an incredibly picturesque city.

5. Wilhering Abbey

Wilhering Abbey


If you are looking to explore the rich history and culture of Linz, Austria, then head to the Wilhering Abbey. This 850-year-old Cistercian abbey is one of the most prestigious and popular complexes featuring works of art from the modern and historic era. This art gallery also features a guest house that is the oldest surviving part of the abbey after it was destroyed by fire. When it comes to exploring the arts and history of Austria, you should head to Linz where you will find many things to do in Wilhering Abbey. The art gallery gives visitors a chance to look at the impressive paintings by Fritz Frohlich. When visiting the abbey, make sure you also explore the church which has outstanding architecture. Its Rococo interior is quite fascinating and the best in entire Austria.

In conclusion, these are impressive places in Linz. Hoping that you will have a great trip.


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