Best Restaurants In Brussels You Must Try

Brussels is a captivating city which is great to visit in Belgium. When traveling to this destination, trying food is a must. The standard of cooking in Belgian restaurants is high. Let read on to explore the best restaurants in Brussels.

Best Restaurants In Brussels

1. Restaurant Le Rabassier 

best restaurants in Brussels: Restaurant Le Rabassier 


Undoubtedly the top contender for best restaurants in Brussels Belgium, the wonderful setting, impeccable service, and fantastic food set it miles ahead of the competition. The six-course tasting menu is a gastronomic trip one mustn’t miss out on- from savory to sweet, and absolutely divine. The artistically presented exotic preparations are outstanding and indicate why this restaurant boasts of two Michelin stars. Since there are very few tables in its intimate setting, an advance booking is a must.

2. Comme Chez Soi

best restaurants in Brussels: Comme Chez Soi


A revered name in the Brussels restaurant firmament, with two Michelin stars to underpin its reputation. Comme Chez Soi prides itself on beautifully prepared and presented food of the highest standard in the French haute cuisine mold – with prices to match (five courses for €149/£137). The celebrated chef Pierre Wynants established its reputation over several decades, before handing it over to his son-in-law Lionel Rigolet in 2006. The Art Nouveau-style dining room is small, with only 40 covers, and the kitchen is in full view. The starter of pan-fried mackerel with crayfish, asparagus from Mechelen, and a light fennel flower cream will set the tone.

3. Pasta Divina

Pasta Divina


The small, cozy family-run setup is one of the best-hidden gems and cool restaurants in Brussels serving fresh homemade fare. The friendly owner takes great care of the guests, while his wife prepares fresh pasta for the dishes every day. This is your go-to place for the best pasta in town, along with amazing heart-shaped salmon ravioli, tiramisu, and other Italian specialties. The place fills up fast so a reservation is recommended. This one’s considered to be one of the best Italian restaurants in Brussels.

4. Restaurant Vincent

best restaurants in Brussels: Restaurant Vincent


A note of individuality rings out as you enter this restaurant, passing the display of fresh meat in the window and the busy kitchen to reach an atmospheric dining room decorated with marine-themed tiles. Restaurant Vincent specializes in traditional Belgian dishes, focusing on seafood and steaks (but, the restaurant is careful to note, the menu also includes vegetarian options). Mussels, coucou de Malines (a traditional chicken dish), Américain préparé (steak tartare), chateaubriand steaks – it’s good, robust, hearty food prepared without fuss.

5. Bon Bon

Bon Bon


Tucked in a tranquil neighborhood, this 2 Michelin starred restaurant in Brussels is in a lovely villa with the perfect ambiance for a romantic meal. The attentive & friendly staff along with the creatively crafted and beautifully presented food will make you want to visit it again and again. Enjoying a 5-course culinary journey with the chef at the kitchen bar is a unique experience.

6. La Truffe Noire

La Truffe Noire


La Truffe Noire is a restaurant dedicated to one ingredient – the truffle. After a relentless search to fuse black and white truffles with the finest ingredients in the most inventive menus, La Truffe Noire has finally been awarded a Michelin star for its work.

A range of tasting menus will open your eyes to the astonishing taste of black and white truffles. Try, for example, carpaccio of bleue des près (a rare variety of Belgian beef) with shaved black truffles, or carpaccio of wild salmon à la façon de Liugi with parmesan cheese and summer truffles. The truffle theme continues in the dessert menu with delights such as black chocolate truffle in a spun sugar nest with fresh raspberry sauce. Private events at La Truffe Noire are as extravagant as the truffles themselves: a private dining room can accommodate up to 20 guests or the whole restaurant can be reserved for 50.

7. Le Bistro

Le Bistro


This neighborhood bistro in a fantastic location is a great choice for restaurants in Brussels with that warm and homely feel and amazing food. The staff is very friendly and make valuable suggestions, the portion sizes are pretty good and the prices reasonable. The mussels, beefsteak, shrimp in garlic sauce, and vegan pasta are all great. Sitting outside on a warm sunny day is a nice experience; complimentary mint tea is a nice touch.


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