Best Restaurants in Austria

Austria is a showcase of how stunning mountain scenery, valleys, and lakes are presented. It is interesting to visit beautiful places and experience delicious dishes in this country. This post will share with you a list of the best restaurants in Austria.

Best Restaurants in Austria

Skopik and Lohn

best restaurants in Austria: Skopik and Lohn


Austrian contemporary artist Otto Zitko designed the inside of this trendy new joint, choosing chaotic black paint splashes dramatically propelled across the ceiling in sharp contrast with the chic and tidy white-clothed tables that sit politely below.
The menu may be a wonderful melody of contemporary and traditional dishes, making the occasional nod to Austrian cuisine, with the wiener schnitzel, Vienna’s culinary crown jewel, being one in all the restaurant’s hottest orders—made using the authentic recipe of veal, and served with a standard potato and cucumber salad on the side. Managing impressively to possess an ambiance that’s simultaneously formal and relaxed, Skopik and Lohn may be a great introduction to Viennese cuisine and isn’t to be missed.

Hospiz Alm Restaurant

Outstanding Austrian cuisine is served at this mountain-top chalet—dining at Hospiz Alm is that the perfect way to enjoy Austria’s alpine culture after a hard day’s figure out on the slopes. The gloriously cozy interior, delightfully arranged around a roaring fire, is so comforting you’ll want to remain for an eternity. The traditional cuisine should be paired with wine from the well-stocked cellar—featuring many local varieties from an impressive collection of thousands of bottles. This is one of the best restaurants in Austria that you should try to learn more about Austrian food.

TIAN, Vienna

best restaurants in Austria: TIAN, Vienna


It is rare to seek out a restaurant that’s exclusively vegetarian, and even more of a rarity to find one that has been awarded Michelin stars. TIAN’s menu is entirely meat-free and employs a refreshingly creative take on vegetarian cuisine—a welcome change from the half-hearted veggie options that usually appear on menus. The founder, Christian Halper, includes a strict philosophy of using fresh, seasonal ingredients, dispelling the parable of vegetarian diets consisting of “rabbit food.” Each dish is beautifully composed on the plate, never straying far from being a creative culinary masterpiece.


best restaurants in Austria: Stiftskeller


If you would like to do the best of Austrian cuisine in the capital, Steirereck is the place you ought to head to. Hidden away in the lush greenery of the Stadtpark, this elegantly attired dining room looks out onto the Wien Fluss, boasting huge windows that allow light to get, which is especially picturesque on a summer’s evening. Awarded two Michelin stars, the restaurant features a strong reputation for producing modern Austrian cuisine to the best, using fresh local produce to make forward-thinking dishes, like fitted and pan-fried perlfisch ribs and steamed and glazed strudel.

Madhuban Restaurant

When visiting Innsbruck during the winter months, treating yourself to warming food is crucial after a day’s wandering in the snow enjoying town sites. Spicy food, packed with heat from the chili, is one of the nice antidotes to frosty weather, and Madhuban is where you may discover a number of Innsbruck’s finest. A friendly and ambient atmosphere, combined with dishes bursting with powerful flavor, leaves a long-lasting impression.




This delightfully traditional eatery features a rich history within its walls, having been built originally in the 1400s as a part of the Emporer’s Palace. After being repurposed into a restaurant in 1929, it quickly garnered a reputation for serving a number of the best local cuisine in town, enjoyed by tourists and locals alike. A generous menu, featuring many Austrian favorites, and an ambient atmosphere make this a must-visit venue of Innsbruck.


Kim is one of few women chefs to grace the Austrian culinary scene—a passionate and ambitious chef that Vienna is extremely lucky to have. Authenticity, tradition, and experimentation are all elements at the core of the philosophy that she employs in her restaurant in Währinger in the 9th district—where she transforms fresh European ingredients into delicious Asian dishes. Make sure to book beforehand as tables may be tricky to clinch.

In conclusion, these are some of the best restaurants in Austria that you can’t miss when having a chance to make a trip to this impressive destination.


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