4 Best Inventory Management Software

The Covid-19 Open pandemic from the end of 2019 until now has significantly affected the financial economy of our country and other countries around the world. Distance and limiting contact is directly affected on businesses to transform, towards using online sales software to replace historical traditional solutions.

Therefore, sales software has become an effective tool to support management, order, inventory settlement, etc., helping businesses reduce a large amount of work and incurred costs. This is also the main content we want to mention in this article and give all of you the 4 Best Inventory Management Software which definitely brings to you many advantages and conveniences.

1. Orderhive – The most populated app in The Best Inventory Management Software.

The Orderhive app is designed to not only assist but also accelerate inventory replenishment, order fulfillment, and warehouse operations such as receiving orders, picking and packing items, moving stock, adjusting or stock adjustment, receiving goods, etc. The Orderhive app is barcode-enabled, real-time, and completely loaded with inventory management features to back up your common tasks with the precision needed.


The plus point of Orderhive is that it helps business owners, and warehouses manage inventory without sticking to paper spreadsheets, computers, or any static system. Furthermore, this application supports many different platforms such as web, desktop, and mobile. Here are some main features of Oderhive you can refer to: 

  • Built-in mobile barcode scanner
  • Mark and update inventory when received
  • Process orders with picking, packing, and shipping operations
  • Synchronize data across multiple devices
  • Track inventory from warehouse to warehouse, or employee
  • Adopt a smarter and faster way to manage inventory, at your fingertips

Overall, Orderhive is highly appreciated because of these useful functions and plenty of integrations, Orderhive is an affordable solution that can easily become your all-in-one inventory, order, and fulfillment partner. Besides the huge advantages, there are some points you should notice that the setup fee is $99 and the monthly fee is from $49 to $299.99 depending on the number of orders and users. 

2. InFlow Software

Are you using multi apps to fulfill sales? An app for inventory, one for order, and another one for shipping? It’s too complicated. Let’s come to the inFlow software- one of the Best Inventory Management Software. inFlow integrates all of what you need into only one app. Picking, packing, and shipping your goods to every corner of the world. Pick products and automatically subtract them from your inventory. Browse carrier rates from UPS, FedEx, DHL, and more. Buy and print mailing labels from right inside the app. Automatic email tracking information to customers and that’s the way inFlow works to simplify your fulfillment process. 


Some outstanding features of inFlow software :

  • Record price categories (normal, retail, wholesale), costs,…
  • Forecast of limiting cases of over-orders and shortages of inventory.
  • Payment tracking function, providing real-time details of all completed and pending payment transactions.

3. Lightspeed Retail

Lightspeed Retail Software is true to its name, an app for the retailer as well as the small business. These days, most businesses offer products through both offline and online stores. Your scaled POS system cannot accept payments on both channels, so most businesses use different payment systems for offline and online stores. It not only makes complicated financial management but also makes inventory tracking more difficult.

Lightspeed deals with all of your problems by allowing businesses to sell across multiple channels. While using the Lightspeed POS system, retailers can accept payments on offline and online channels. It also allows them to sync physical inventory with their eCommerce store.

Lightspeed Retail
Lightspeed Retail

What makes Lightspeed Retail different from other inventory management software? I am sure that you will be impressed by this feature of the Lightspeed: Loyalty program to improve customer retention. As a business, your customer retention rate plays an important part. The more customers you retain, the less you need to spend on marketing and freebies to attract new customers. A unique and tested way to improve user retention is to offer a loyalty program. However, running a loyalty program is easier said than done.

You have to track customer purchase history, create different reward levels, check bonus eligibility and do much more. The entire system is so complex that no small business can build an effective rewards system on its own. Lightspeed will help you to solve it. Offering omnichannel loyalty that allows businesses to create an easy-to-manage rewards system. It allows you to create a points-based loyalty program and a tiered rewards system to encourage repeat purchases. You can create custom rewards systems for offline and online customers and even send them one-time coupon codes when you need to increase sales.

4. Odoo Software

To manage a business, the owners need to rely on the effective support of business management software. Odoo ERP is one of the pre-programmed management software for businesses to download and use. If everyone is interested in this software, you can immediately refer to the following point I mentioned to know what Odoo is and how this software works.

Odoo is an online modern inventory management app that is extremely widespread among many retailers nowadays. Being programmed with more than 1000 different functions such as sales, customer care, project management, financial and human resource management, production management… Because of these uses, Odoo ERP software becomes The Best Inventory Management Software that many businesses choose to use.

Odoo Software
Odoo Software

The first advantage I evaluate is when a business uses this app which helps to increase productivity and process time. Better warehouse organization with a dual entry inventory system. Moreover, by using this software, you can achieve the most efficient inventory management and improve all your internal operations. Instead of inventory inputs, output, and conversions in Odoo’s dual entry, all operations are about moving goods between locations.

The second feature which makes Odoo become the Best Inventory Management Software will be the management of low stock status, out of stock with fully automatic replenishment. Thank to the use of point-of-order and automated RFQs to help the supply chain efficient operation. Besides, Odoo allows the user to easily look up any information from the movements of goods to every change in stock from purchase to box entry to sales order.


The needs of retail shops differ from those of a small manufacturing plant, so it’s vital to pick the right tools for your business. This article will provide you with the 4 Best Inventory Management Software which is helpful for every business as well as retailer in managing all steps of selling. Thank you for reading!

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